Halo Units

Leverage the NPR Brand, Deepen Content Alignment

Halo Units are custom designed for each sponsor to promote a brand’s support of specific NPR content. Each unit features an embedded content module for an NPR program or series. The co-branded experience engages users with the sponsor’s brand, drives additional traffic to the content area a sponsor is supporting, and reinforces a sponsor’s alignment with content themes.

Classic NPR.org Halo Units

Ford Halo
Nook Halo

Program Specific NPR.org Halo Units

DOW Halo
Dropbox Halo
Lagunitas Halo Yellow

NPR Music Series Halo Units

Blue Halo
Blue Halo
Blue Halo

Custom Collaboration Halo Units

Lagunitas Halo 3
Lagunitas Halo 2
Lagunitas Halo 1

General Guidelines

  • All Halo Units are designed by NPR.
  • Sponsor provides logo and audio creative (if applicable), and once approved, NPR will build the rest of the unit with input/other assets from the sponsor.
  • Halo units generally follow the content guidelines for display and podcast audio creative, but NPR reserves the right to refuse any tactics that feel too commercial or do not fit with the flow of the audio content.