Hand-curated sponsorship, tailored to your brand.

For users, NPR One delivers a personalized, on-demand mix of audio across smartphones and emerging platforms. For brands, NPR One offers hand-curated sponsorship opportunities customized for your brand’s campaign themes.


Custom Channels

Align your brand with NPR and with quality, relevant NPR content. NPR will hand-curate a selection of audio stories that resonate with NPR One users and reflect the ideas of the sponsor’s campaign.

  • NPR staff will create a custom promo placement with sponsor logo, paired with a :15 audio promo written by our team to reflect the content of the custom channel
  • Sponsor will provide a branded 600×500 unit and copy for :15 sponsorship audio that will be played following the custom channel and give users an opportunity to interact with the sponsor’s brand


NPR One Custom Channel Demo


Podcast Halo

Complement and extend an NPR podcast sponsorship with Podcast Halo placements in NPR One.

  • Custom audio promo paired with co-branded 600×500 invites the user to engage with the podcast halo, and reinforces brand alignment
  • The sponsor will have the first mid-roll sponsorship placement in the podcast halo episode
  • Podcast Halo placements are timed to run the week the podcast halo episode is released and for up to a few weeks afterwards


NPR One Podcast Halo Demo


NPR One Across Platforms

With audio-synched interstitials, your brand can reach NPR One users across existing and emerging platforms, including Chromecast, Apple Watch, smartphones and connected cars. Sponsor provides:

  • 600×500 unit
  • Copy for :15 sponsorship audio


NPR One Standard Interstitial Demo



All NPR One creative must adhere to NPR Creative Content Guidelines.