Engage your audience anytime, anywhere, with the redesigned NPR App.

This spring, NPR’s flagship iOS app gets a bold new look, streamlining the user experience. Designed to inspire user exploration, the revamped NPR App focuses on reading and easy access to live station streams. 

As a premium launch sponsor, brands will be integrated into high-impact sponsorship experiences reaching more than 1.4M unique monthly users. The NPR App offers brands new opportunities to share their messages with click-to-play video or audio, image galleries, interactive timelines, Brand Soundscapes custom audio, and more.

Source: Monthly unique users from Google Analytics, 3-month average, Dec ’17 – February ’18.

NPR App Placements


Showcase your branding imagery with a clear call to action.

News App - Display
News App - Display
News App - Display



Tell your brand’s story with embedded video.

News App - Gallery
News App - Gallery
News App - Gallery



Showcase your brand’s versatility with a series of rotating panels.

News App Gallery


Brand Soundscapes

Tell your brand’s story with custom audio, produced for you by National Public Media.  Audio is natively integrated into the app’s persistent player. More on Brand Soundscapes

News App - Brand Soundscapes


Showcase your brand’s story through videos, timelines or any interactive features supported in iOS.

News App - Custom


Large visual sponsorship placements are built directly into the flow of the NPR  App home screen. NPR App home screen sponsorship can stretch to the following breakpoints:

  • iPhone 5: 320 x 450
  • iPhones 6 and 7: 375 x 450
  • iPhone 6+ and 7+: 414 x 450