Bryan Moffett Named COO National Public Media

November 2016
Bryan Moffett Named COO National Public Media

Bryan Moffett named COO National Public Media (Credit: Doby Photography/NPR)

Bryan Moffett has been named Chief Operating Officer of National Public Media (NPM), it was announced today by NPM President and CEO Gina Garrubbo. NPM manages corporate sponsorships for NPR, PBS and Member stations. The appointment comes following Moffett’s 11-year tenure developing revenue models for NPM and NPR, which have delivered significant financial support to the public media system and most recently, driven a record corporate sponsorship year for NPR in FY16.

As COO, Moffett will spearhead NPM’s strategic planning focused on securing corporate support for the future of NPR, PBS and the public media system; manage acquisitions and partnerships; and provide ongoing thought leadership in the development of new sponsorship offerings.

Bryan’s leadership has contributed greatly to NPM’s consistent and record-breaking corporate sponsorship revenue. From his strategic thinking to his operational skills, especially in the digital arena, Bryan continues to develop innovative ways for companies to support public media. – Gina Garrubbo, NPM President & CEO

With a background in both digital media and journalism, Moffett brings a distinguished and forward-looking mindset to NPM. He consistently achieves a balance between NPR’s reputation as a non-commercial media organization and its status as a competitive media partner among advertisers. Under his direction as General Manager, NPM has achieved more than 50% growth in NPR corporate sponsorship since 2014, with eight-fold growth in the NPR podcast business alone. He established an award-winning NPM digital products team producing some of the highest-performing digital ads among premium publishers, and rebuilt NPM’s regional sales model with Member stations. Most recently, this team’s integration of sponsorship into the new NPR Player was recognized with the 2016 Digiday Award for “Best Brand Platform.” 

For more than a decade, Moffett has played an essential role in the establishment and growth of podcasting for consumers, publishers and brands alike. He was a member of the NPR team that launched NPR podcasts in 2006, and has been at the forefront on evolving NPR’s podcast sponsorship product line from a 15-second pre-roll unit to 30-second host-read mid-roll spots and new Brand Soundscapes that feature expanded sponsor messaging.

His work and advocacy has helped establish a sustainable business model for the podcasting medium at large, projected to be a $200 million business in 2017. As a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Podcast Working Group and other industry efforts, Moffett has advocated for informed, standardized podcast measurement to help prepare the industry for dramatic growth.

Inside public media, Moffett has helped build sustainable models for digital sponsorship, from creating a network of banner inventory across more than 100 public media and non-profit journalism sites, to founding a division that manages digital sponsorship operations for nearly 20 public media partners.

Moffett joined NPR in 2005 as a Digital Media Marketing Analyst, focused on building traffic and audience to by establishing partnerships with organizations like Google, Yahoo and Slate. Prior to joining NPR / NPM, Moffett spent his early career managing editorial publications and digital/IT infrastructures. Moffett served as editorial director of the Radio-Television News Directors Association (RTNDA), producing Communicator, the award-winning news industry trade magazine. Moffett also served as Chief Technology Officer at Franklin Management Company, a D.C.-based startup serving the technical needs of non-profit membership organizations.

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