Inspiring Conversations with NPR Listening Parties

March 2016

NPR Listening Parties are popping up nationwide, attracting young adults with enriching conversations and community engagement in cities all over the U.S.


NPR Listening Parties are popping up nationwide, changing how young people make radio a part of their lives. 

Led by NPR Generation Listen, the inspiration for Listening Parties began with a gathering at NPR West that grew into a successful cross-country Listening Party tour in 2015. NPR Listening Parties consistently attract young adults with enriching conversations and community engagement in cities all over the U.S.


In 2016, NPR Listening Parties will have an even bigger impact. Generation Listen’s new DIY party kits allow people everywhere to host their own events. Each new kit focuses on a specific theme. In February, it was Matters of the Heart. Women’s History Month is at the center of the March bundle. Story collections in this kit include: 

  • Interviews with Bad*ss Women
  • Women in Pop Culture & Politics
  • Women & the Workplace: The Play Gap Endures
  • Tough Topic: Violence Against Women 

This latest kit also includes an NPR Music playlist made up of diverse tracks inspired by the female experience. TED Radio Hour Host Guy Raz also shares helpful tips on moderating conversation at a Listening Party.

Generation Listen has a proven track record for engaging Millennials, receiving positive feedback from participants across the nation. 


It was great. I was amazed at how many conversations there were in the days to follow. –Times Free Press


Through intimate events and in-depth conversation, we are actively building a community of young NPR listeners who share our curiosity about the world. –St. Louis Public Radio


MPR Generation Listen is a thoughtful initiative started by Millennials aspiring to connect people under 35 more deeply with Minnesota Public Radio and each other. –MinnPost

Recognition for Generation Listen extends beyond news stories as well. The initiative also has a strong social media presence

 NPR Listening Party kits and other initiatives slated for 2016 will extend that reach even further. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Generation Listen connects directly with young people of all backgrounds, and offers brands a distinct opportunity to be part of their lives as well. Take advantage of this growing program through custom sponsorship opportunities in digital media, events and beyond. Visit our sponsorship page for examples of previous events and activations.