Michel Martin on 60th Anniversary of Montgomery Bus Boycott

December 2015

VotingRightsorWrongs1-1024x683December 2015

Michel Martin, host of NPR’s Weekend All Things Considered, took to Montgomery, Alabama for the Michel Martin: Going There tour. Michel led a discussion on the 60th anniversary of the Montgomery bus boycott that sparked the movement to end segregation in the US. NPR Presents and the Michel Martin: Going There tour offer brands the opportunity to sponsor social media conversations and live events.

The panel included prominent figures in issues of race and injustice facing the African American community, from Rosa Parks’ pastor to a current lawyer at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Michel opened up the conversation to those attending the event remotely, generation a large online mobilization through Twitter.

Social media users were thrilled to to be able to ask questions and be a part of the conversation from afar through the #busboycott60 hashtag:


Event attendees seized the opportunity snap pictures of Michel and the panelists:

As the Michel Martin: Going There events preceding it, the discussion in Montgomery was a huge success, creating productive and enlightened conversations about issues that remain relevant today. Future stops on the tour include Pittsburgh, PA, Greeley, CO and Chicago, IL and will feature topics such as shifting demographics and water rights. 

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Listen to the full discussion here: