A Promising 2017 

This momentum will continue in 2017 as NPR continues to expand its programming portfolio and listening options. 

“NPR is continuing to explore how we can evolve the voice of NPR to personally connect people to the stories they’re engaging with,” Anya Grundmann, NPR’s head of Programming, told MediaVillage earlier this month in an interview about the network’s programming strategy and the NPR Story Lab, a creative studio for incubating new programming for NPR. 

The network already has new titles lined up for 2017. On January 2, 2017, 1A will join NPR’s strong programming lineup as a weekday radio show and podcast. Host Joshua Johnson will build on the legacy of The Diane Rehm Show with a smart, thoughtful voice in conversation around public affairs. 

Johnson is the voice the country needs right now – Diane Rehm in Poynter, 11/16/16

The New Year comes with new NPR sponsorship opportunities too. In 2017, brands will have another unique way to share their brand’s story with podcast listeners. With the new Brand Soundscapes, brands can work with NPR’s Sponsorship team at National Public Media to capture audio on location and expertly craft their distinctive audio story for a podcast mid-roll or one of NPR’s other Digital platforms.