Watch Bob Boilen on “The Simpsons”

February 2016

NPR’s Bob Boilen received the makeover of a lifetime as a character on The Simpsons. While the All Songs Considered host dons his signature look on the show (a dark fedora, round glasses and casual button-down shirt), Boilen boasts the distinct Simpsons aesthetic. Viewers caught Bob Boilen on The Simpsons February 21 on FXX at 8/7c.

Bob Boilen on The Simpsons

Bob Boilen as himself on The Simpsons


In the episode (“Gal of Constant Sorrow”), Boilen plays the host of a radio show called “Mountain Trax” in the fictional town of Springfield. Throughout the program, viewers can enjoy Bart Simpson’s penchant for tomfoolery. 


I’m about to have my first book published. I’m making an album with my band Danger Painters. I have a great job, a music show I love and a concert series at my desk. I directed All Things Considered for 18 years. I feel like I’m becoming a pretty decent photographer. I’m a proud father with a cool son. But with all that I’ve done, the one thing that seems to drop jaws the moment I mention it is that I was cast as a minor character on The Simpsons.

-Bob Boilen

Clip of Bob Boilen on The Simpsons



Boilen has called NPR home since 1988. Within a year of his hire, he became director of All Things Considered, the most listened-to, afternoon drive-time news radio program in the United States. 

The director created All Songs Considered in 2000, after several listeners demonstrated interest in music featured on All Things Considered (along with Boilen and NPR’s sweeping music collections). Each week since its launch, hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton discuss new music from emerging bands and musical icons. 

Viewers can watch public radio veteran Bob Boilen on The Simpsons here

Editors’ note: This post was updated February 25, 2016.