Brand Soundscapes

Campaign Summary

When WeWork wanted to share stories about how they partner with companies of all sizes to grow their business, culture and connections, Brand Soundscapes offered them a new platform to do just that. Working closely with the WeWork team, NPM Creative crafted audio pieces that showcased WeWork's diverse solutions for companies, from flexible workspaces to reimagining the office experience entirely.

NPM Creative proposed stories that paired the voices of WeWork leaders with customers, allowing them to share their experiences and speak to the changes in company culture and connection they’d achieved. From the founders of luxury bedding company Brooklinen to the president of Sprint Business, these voices emphasized WeWork’s commitment to small, medium, and large companies, reaching the NPR audience through podcast mid-rolls, the NPR Player, and captioned “audiogram” videos on NPR.org.

Full Soundscapes

Freeing Up Business Leaders To Focus On Growth, Not Leases

Redesigning The Office Experience For A More Collaborative Future

Soundscape Mid-rolls

Planet Money Mid-roll: Flexible Solutions For Growing Companies

TED Radio Hour Mid-roll: The Magic Of Empowering Medium-Sized Companies

How I Built This Mid-roll: Designing A Workspace That Evolves With Its People