Audio Design Services

Original Audio Content

NPR’s audience loves a well-produced, sound-rich story. For NPM Creative's flagship offering, Brand Soundscapes, we work with your brand to produce original audio pieces that authentically tell your story and resonate with NPR listeners.

Copywriting Consultation

Extensive research and years of experience writing for radio, podcast and digital audio sponsorship go into every credit we write and brand story we produce. The NPM Creative team will help you punch up your scripts to resonate in NPR's noncommercial environment.

Copy Testing & Creative Optimization

Because we’re eager to make your creative as impactful as possible, we start optimizing before your campaign even begins. Our systematic approach includes pre-campaign testing, creative evaluation in flight and post-campaign performance reviews.

Brand Lift Research

But, did it work? We know the importance of this question and NPM Creative is committed to helping you find answers. Our pre/post brand lift studies quantify the impact of your NPR campaign on measures including brand awareness, consideration and audience recall of key messaging.

Visual Design Services

Responsive Native Design

Leveraging NPR’s native sponsorship products doesn’t have to mean extra work for you. NPM Creative will use your existing campaign assets for our native units, ensuring your creative meets NPR’s guidelines and shines across any device.

Custom Integrations

Brands sponsoring NPR initiatives and series can amplify their brand alignment through custom native integrations. From custom websites to award-winning 360 experiences, we can extend your sponsorship across NPR's most unique digital experiences.

Design Consultation

If you need more support on the design front, NPM Creative can work with you to develop creative for your NPR campaign or adjust existing creative for NPR's environment. Just provide us with brand assets and guidelines and we'll do the rest.


Native Product Design

NPM Creative collaborates with NPR to develop sponsorship products that are native, transparent and never disruptive across all of NPR's distribution platforms.

Social Media Toolkit

Take your original audio content further. Brands that collaborate with NPM Creative have access to our custom, in-house social audio tool.

Please contact your account representative for more information about NPM Creative's services and availability. Additional fees or order minimums may apply.