NPR Desktop Specs

NPR Desktop Display

300×250, 300×600
  • 45KB polite load, 100KB subsequent polite load
  • 2.2 MB max file size for creative files
  • GIF/JPG Size: 65KB
  • HTML 5 Size: 150KB
  • Loops: 2
  • For GIFs, the animation limit is 15 seconds, with a max of 3 frames at 2 seconds each and 2 loops
  • Rich Media guidelines:
    • Limited to approved campaigns
    • Suggested format is a soundless pre-video animation sequence, with a user click-initiated video offered at the end/stop of the animation sequence
    • Max :15 initial animation sequence, :30 user click-initiated video run
    • Pre-video animation sequence must be silent. If auto-play video exception is granted, the audio must be initiated by user-click
    • All content (audio and video) must conform to listed content guidelines
    • Must include clearly marked close and mute controls
    • All creative will be tested by NPM prior to campaign launch
  • Expansion guidelines
    • Expansion must only occur upon user-click
    • The expanded state may have audio or in-banner video, however these assets must remain hidden and silent until the user expands the unit on click
    • Expanded view must include clearly marked open and close controls
    • All creative will be tested by NPM prior to campaign launch
    • All creative in the expanded units must conform to listed content guidelines
    • Max expansion: 600×300 pixels
    • Max :15 initial animation sequence, :30 animation/video sequence post-expansion
  • Max Frame Rate: 26
  • All elements must be https compliant



NPR Audio Player

:15 audio
  • 300×250 or 300×600
    • Image display specs are same as Desktop Display above
  • 300×100 leave-behind
    • GIF/JPG/PNG Size: 45KB
  • All elements must be https compliant


NPR Music Video Pre-Roll

  • :15 Video
  • Preferred first party served file type: mp4 with H.264 codec
  • Maximum first party served file size: 512 MB
  • HD specifications: 1920×1080 (16:9 Widescreen) or 1440×1080 (4:3 Standard), 10 mbps bitrate or higher
  • Audio specifications: 48khz or 44.1khz resolution, stereo, AAC codec, 128 kpbs bitrate

For information on Center Stage, Main Stage and more Player options explore our

Custom Products




  • Third-party tracking is accepted in most cases. Units served first-party will be billed off first-party data.
  • NPM uses Doubleclick for Publishers for serving.
  • All tags must be https compliant


  • Limit of five creative executions per placement.
  • Banners must remain bounded in the allotted space in the page and must include a visible border around the edge. Banners may not float over page content, pop-up or initiate pop-ups from third-parties. Expansion may only be initiated by user-click.
  • No audio or video is permitted on in-page sponsorships. Exceptions may be made for certain in-banner video executions, provided the audio is user-initiated
  • A clicktag must be encoded rather than a hard-coded click-through command:
  • On(release) {
  • Include a “target – =_blank” attribute in all linkable tags.
  • All text must be readable on 1024×768 resolution displays.
  • Unless specifically excepted, no real or mimicked user controls, interactive elements or hovers are permitted on in-page sponsorships, including video controls, game play, etc.
  • Clients providing Flash Files for first-party serving must provide approved SWF, FLA, backup GIF/JPG and click-through URL. Clients’ third-party serving must traffic an NPR approved backup GIF or JPG.
  • Once approved, third-party-served placements may not be changed without NPM approval.
  • All tags and elements must be https compliant.