NPR Digital Guidelines

The following guidelines address sponsor messages that appear on NPR’s digital platforms, including audio messages and display banners on the NPR website, in mobile apps, and in podcasts. (Find NPR messaging guidelines for radio sponsorship here.)

NPR sponsor messages are distinctly different from the cluttered and chaotic world of commercial advertising. Our messages do not shout at consumers or mislead them into action. They are not loaded with claims that can’t be proved. The best sponsorships are smart, compelling statements that respect and inform our audience.


Digital sponsorship messages may include:

  • Non-promotional descriptions of the organization and its products or services
  • Language that describes a quality or feature of a product or service in qualitative terms, provided it is not overly promotional and is true and accurate
  • Availability of a discount or special offer
  • Reference to free trials or products that are free
  • Language directing the user to the sponsor’s website or another source for more information, to redeem a discount or offer, or to purchase an item
  • Tracking language such as “promo code NPR,” “offer code NPR” and “coupon code NPR”


Digital sponsorship messages (display or audio) should not include:

  • Specific product or service pricing
  • Comparative language that makes reference to or denigrates a competitor
  • Language that expresses views on an issue of public importance or controversy
  • Promotional language for prescription drug products or FDA regulated medical devices
  • Clinical test claims or similar claims
  • Language that implies an NPR endorsement or testimonial
  • Language or design attributes that mimic editorial content
  • Animation or visuals that are overly intrusive or commercial in style


Download Full NPR Digital Sponsorship Messaging Guidelines


General Requirements:

  • All audio scripts will be voiced by NPR talent.
  • No third-party survey recruitment is permitted without prior approval.
  • NPM does not pay third-party serving fees.
  • Ad-blocking via verification services is prohibited.
  • NPM reserves the right to reject any creative that uses visual elements that are overly distracting, as these perform poorly with our audience.
  • All creative will be tested by NPM prior to campaign launch.


Survey Policy

  • No third-party survey recruitment is permitted without prior approval.
  • All survey’s require specific language stating that the survey is for an NPM sponsor. The survey is not affiliated with NPR.



  • All cookies and behavioral tracking pixels must be disclosed to NPM prior to campaign launch.
  • Any cookies set on our users during a campaign must expire within 90 days of campaign end.
  • Flash cookies are prohibited.
  • Third-party survey recruitment is prohibited without specific exception
  • For more information, refer to the privacy policy for NPR.