Creative Specs

NPR Podcasts

NPR podcasts enable sponsors to place campaign messaging alongside relevant NPR podcasts wherever users are listening. NPR podcasts are assembled from leading NPR programs including: Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!Fresh AirTED Radio Hour and many more. 

NPR podcasts

Technical Guidelines


  • :15 max recording
  • Audio copy will be recorded by NPR talent.
  • Pre-roll podcast downloads can be tracked with a 1×1 impression tracker.  Accepted vendors include DCM and Sizmek.  Otherwise, billing will be based on first party data.
  • Pre-roll campaigns can be targeted by DMA.

Click the images below to hear examples of pre-roll in NPR podcasts.


  • :30 max recording
  • Audio copy will be recorded by NPR talent, including host-read messages, depending on the particular podcast
  • Copy should be submitted 2 weeks in advance of the campaign

Click the images below to hear examples of mid-roll in NPR podcasts.

 Sequential Mid-rolls

Want to tell a story? NPR offers sponsors the opportunity to secure two mid-rolls in the same episode of an hour-long podcast. These sequential mid-rolls enable a sponsor to continue a story or message in the second credit.

Spotlight Mid-rolls

Sponsors can choose to integrate their own audio content into a mid-roll credit. NPR will produce all spotlight mid-rolls, which can feature content such as a message from the CEO or a part of sponsor’s brand story. Listen to examples:

Podcast Promotional Messaging Guidelines


NPR pre-roll and mid-roll sponsorships are an opportunity for sponsors to connect with an engaged and affluent audience on an intimate and rapidly growing platform. Podcast messaging guidelines are influenced by extensive audience research with the goal of creating the best sponsorship experience for listeners and sponsors.

  • All NPR podcast promotional messages will clearly thank sponsors for the support that makes podcasts possible and indicate that the message comes from the sponsor.
  • Podcast promotional messages will be read by NPR talent, which may include NPR podcast hosts or contributors.


For best results with your NPR Podcast sponsorship:

  • Be clear: State your message, purpose and how listeners can learn more.
  • Highlight special features: Use language that emphasizes product features. Compared to broadcast, podcast sponsorship messages offer more flexibility in describing features in qualitative terms, for instance with product descriptions like “designed to be simple and easy to use.”
  • Remember your audience: Where possible, underscore alignment with NPR and listener values. Tailor promotional messages for the audience by aligning the tone of the message with the individual podcasts included in your campaign.
  • Bring on the freebies: Where available, be sure to highlight the availability of  discounts, free trials or special offers, like free shipping for NPR listeners, in your podcast messages.
  • Consider support language: To extend the NPR halo effect and maximize ROI, remind listeners that using a specific promo code gives credit to the NPR podcast, e.g. “sign up for Squarespace now and use the offer code WAIT to get 10% off your first purchase. It also lets Squarespace know you appreciate Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, too.”


Full NPR Sponsorship Messaging Guidelines