A WNYC listener with a radio in every room

May 2020

“What I admire in these programs is their audacity and their willingness to take risks,” remarks all-day listener Patricia in New Jersey. “I recognize the amount of work that goes into each and every one of these programs.” 


NPR listener Patricia Fernández-Kelly in Princeton has a radio in every room of her house, even in her shower. For Patricia, the programming she tunes into through NPR local affiliate station WNYC sets a rhythm for her day. She loves listening to the blend of current news alongside cultural programming, and the range of voices that are represented.   


Listen everywhere

I’m generally up at 5:30. I’m a morning person and I like to listen to the radio while I prepare my breakfast. I listen to Morning Edition and other programs. I’m not much of a breakfast person, but today I had some delicious fried eggs with salsa. 

I have a radio in each room, and it’s always on. In the kitchen, in the bathroom, and on my computer. I listen to the radio in the shower too. My husband is constantly asking me to turn off the radio! But the way I feel about public radio, specifically WNYC is it’s my connection to the world. 

Morning Prayers

I’m a member of an African American church in New Jersey. I see church as a place for the telling of stories. 

We have a wonderful pastor who thought it would be great to have morning prayers at 7:00 AM now that we’re all at home. I didn’t think people would come, but we have about 12-15 people gathering to pray on Zoom. It is a nice way to begin the day. 

Let me tell you about Brian 

I listen to Brian Lehrer in the mornings on WNYC. Let me tell you about Brian. I’m a sociologist and do a lot of interviews and I can see how skilled he is. You can learn so much about human interactions through listening to him. 

The voice that comes through the radio is one that is genuine and authentic and sincerely caring about people regardless of who they are. He retains his integrity and does not compromise the truth. 

Finding solace in solitude

Since the pandemic started, I have not been outside of the house much except to walk the dog. I have been meeting with a lot of people on Zoom and I get dressed up for these calls. I have now decided I’m very well suited to monastic life. I may never rejoin the three dimensional world!

Talented Black voices

In the afternoon I surface from my writing and listen to the radio again. I listen to All Things Considered in the afternoon. [Local host] Jami Floyd, love her! 

I trust the news I hear on NPR because I get a very nuanced roster of ideas and cultural programming. I love listening to Snap Judgement. I hear a lot of very talented Black voices on Snap Judgement and they sound wonderful to me. In this way, I too feel represented in the world of sounds that are presented to the nation. 

What I admire in these programs in their audacity and their willingness to take risks. I admire their imagination. I recognize the amount of work that goes into each and every one of these programs. 


of NPR listeners like Patricia trust radio for timely information.

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