The Power of Audio

Today audio is more accessible and personalized than ever before. Audio is the #1 media people engage with on their smartphones. Daily spoken word audience listening on mobile has doubled since 2014. And radio still dominates in the car and is increasingly accessible through streaming and smart speakers. The integration of audio into people’s lives gives brands new opportunities to connect with listeners in powerful, personal ways.

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This is NPR.

Across platforms, audiences are discovering the power of audio. For nearly 50 years, NPR has been honing its craft and attracting loyal audiences across platforms.


monthly NPR podcast listeners¹


weekly NPR radio listeners²


monthly on-demand NPR downloads on smart speakers³


total weekly hours spent with NPR content⁴

Sources: (1) Podtrac, April 2020; (2) Nielsen Audio, Fall 2019; (3) Splunk and NPR Podcast Logs, April - June 2019; (4) Weekly averages. Broadcast data is from Fall 2018. Digital platforms are Jan-March 2019.


Radio reaches more people each week than any other medium in the U.S. NPM offers brands access to the most popular public radio programs available — locally and nationally.


Podcasts are now part of more than 90M people’s weekly listening — and NPR has led the industry since the beginning. NPR has 8 of the top 20 podcasts and attracts an engaged, influential audience.


Voice-activated technology is changing consumer behaviors, especially around listening. NPM delivers solutions for brands on voice-activated devices like smart speakers that help extend sponsor messaging and encourage engagement.


NPR One offers NPR’s most custom branding opportunities; a growing, engaged audience; and scale across podcasts and digital.

NPR Player

Offering uninterrupted listening while exploring, the NPR Player integrates your brand’s messaging into NPR’s online experience.

Brand Soundscapes

Custom audio creative, crafted by NPM Creative — NPM’s in-house production team — share brand stories in a way that fits with the NPR environment.

Let NPM Creative help you share your brand’s story.


A series of Brand Soundscapes about inclusive beauty, clothes designed for children with special needs, and programs supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs revealed the stories, and people, behind Target’s products.

View the work

Capital One

CreditWise® from Capital One® partnered with NPM Creative to produce a series of Brand Soundscapes that educated listeners on the complex topics of fraud, identity theft and the dark web.

View the work

Kia Motors America

To support the release of the Niro — Kia’s first-ever hybrid crossover — NPM Creative produced a series of Brand Soundscapes that focused on the craft behind the vehicle.

View the work

News & Insights

December 2019

New Data: The Spoken Word Audio Report from NPR & Edison

Spoken word audio listening is growing at a dramatic rate, a new report from NPR and Edison Research finds. Since 2014, the share of time spent with spoken word audio has increased 20%. This shift comes at the expense of music, which saw its share of time decrease by 5% across the same period.

October 2019

Top Takeaways From The Power Of Audio Summit 2019

It’s more important than ever for brands to find audio enthusiasts in-house, and at their agencies and media partners to develop a successful audio strategy. At NPM, we understand that a strong campaign relies on the right mix of reach, frequency, authenticity and affinity from the audience.

September 2018

At NPR, Sponsor Messages Are 23% More Memorable

NPR commissioned a study by Neuro-Insight to demonstrate the effectiveness of sponsor messages in comparison to traditional radio ads. The results? NPR’s sponsor messages are 23% more memorable than traditional radio ads. Learn why.

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