Public Television Sponsorship

Public television’s range of science, news, arts & life, kids and social programming engage more than 109 million viewers each month in 83% of TV households.¹ Partner with National Public Media to share your brand’s message with an educated, influential audience in markets across the country on more than 330 PBS Member stations.

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Trusted. Uncluttered. Respected.

PBS creates an environment that viewers rely on, one they trust and pay attention to.  In fact, 51% of PBS viewers say they pay full attention when watching PBS compared to 37% when watching Network TV.² And that attention delivers performance for sponsors.


in public trust for 16 consecutive years, ranked above commercial broadcast, cable TV and courts of law³


of viewers appreciate the clutter-free environment and 57% have a more favorable view of a brand for sponsoring PBS⁴


of Americans agree that PBS stations provide an excellent value to communities³


of PBS viewers say that PBS sponsors are different and better than advertisers on other networks

Sources: (1) Nielsen NPower, 10/1/2018-9/29/2018; (2) PBS Sponsorship Study, Audience Attitudes & Behaviors, City Square Associates, March 2015; (3) Marketing & Research Resources, Inc., January 2019; (4) 2019 CitySquares Commercialism Research.

It's all about range.

Programming on PBS is eclectic. Viewers experience science with NOVA; stories from our past with American Experience; rigorous, objective analysis of current events with PBS NewsHour and Frontline; and world-class drama and performances with Masterpiece and Great Performances.

40 years of reliable news.

A royal Masterpiece.

America's most-watched prime time science series.

The best in classic adaptations, mysteries and contemporary works.

TV’s most-watched history series.

Explore the DNA of human culture.

Delivering an influential, cultured and informed audience.


more likely to believe it is important to keep up-to-date with news and current affairs


more likely to have a postgraduate degree


more likely to serve as a member of a charitable organization


more likely to attend art galleries or shows in the last 12 months

Source: 2019 GfK MRI Doublebase, PBS programming audience

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When you sponsor public television, you share your brand's message in the most trusted and respected platform with an engaged, influential audience. Learn how your brand can look and sound its best with public television.
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