Display Sponsorship

Not all display media is created equal. Placements on NPR.org out-perform industry benchmarks for viewability, time-in-view, CTR and interaction. How? National Public Media and NPR always prioritize the user experience when designing digital sponsorship. That’s why we have one sponsor per page and don’t offer pop-ups or intrusive ad formats. That’s why we’re so transparent in labeling and why our sponsor’s creative loads quickly. And it’s why NPR users think highly of our display sponsors: 75% of NPR.org users hold a more positive opinion of brands that support NPR.¹

Display that Performs.

Align your brand with quality content — from News to NPR Music — in the uncluttered, trusted environment of NPR.org, which reaches 10.3M users each week² and offers brands unparalleled visibility and results.


viewability for desktop display — 18% above industry average⁴


average CTR on mobile 300×250 units⁴


interaction rate for Center Stage 505% above display industry benchmark³


avg. seconds in-view for 300×600 banners — 214% above display industry benchmark³

Source: (1) Local-National Survey on NPR.org, May 2017; (2) Google Analytics, 13-week average, October 22, 2023 – January 14, 2024; (3) Moat & Google Ad Manager, 2019. (4) Google Ad Manager, 2023

Display Banners

Display banners on NPR.org deliver more than 70% viewability. Mobile and tablet creative is intelligently embedded within NPR stories to create a positive reading experience for users and maximize viewability.

Center Stage Canvas

The Center Stage on NPR.org is a customizable sponsorship designed to maximize engagement and showcase interactive creative such as click-to-play video or custom audio.

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With original reporting, a dedicated hub for music discovery with NPR Music, thematic blogs and immersive visual storytelling, NPR.org is the online companion to NPR’s radio and podcast content.

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Self-Serve Sponsorship

Interested in launching a small-scale, straightforward digital campaign? Our self-serve portal is a simple solution for placing web banners programmatically. Simply choose the content categories relevant to the audiences you’d like to reach, geo-target to key markets, and customize desktop and mobile placements to suit your campaign objectives.
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