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Broadcast radio reaches more people in the U.S. each week than any other medium — and we’re proud to say public radio plays a big part.

After nearly 50 years on the air, NPR reaches more than 27M listeners each week across 1,000+ Member stations and is home to the #1 and #2 most-listened-to programs in the U.S.¹

And that’s just NPR. The public radio network at large has even broader reach and influence. Combined with just a few minutes of sponsor messages per hour and a deeply loyal audience, public radio delivers a powerful platform for brands.

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Why Public Radio?

Radio builds brand awareness. Public radio builds brand loyalty. Public radio stations — from WNYC to KPCC — attract listeners so loyal that in the top 10 markets alone, 750,000 contribute financially to their station, despite the fact the content is free to access. And that connection extends to public radio sponsors.



of NPR listeners have a more positive opinion of a brand when they find out it sponsors an NPR station²


of NPR listeners prefer to buy products from companies that sponsor an NPR station²


of NPR’s 27M weekly radio listeners do not listen to commercial news/talk stations in a typical week¹


of listeners agree that the programming on their NPR station is personally important to them, and that they would miss it if it went away²

Sources: (1) ACT 1 based on Nielsen Audio Nationwide, Spring 2019, Persons 12+; (2) Lightspeed Research, State of Sponsorship Survey, March 2019.

National Reach. Local Connection.

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Reach Listeners Across The Country

Public radio stations reach a combined 35M people weekly. National Public Media has helped brands share their message on these airwaves for decades, delivering impact like this: NPR sponsor messages are 23% more memorable than ads on commercial radio.

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And In Their Backyards

A network of more than 1000 Member stations means that public radio connects at a community level, targeting a message to select markets. National Public Media offers multi-market campaigns that deliver on the goals and budgets of clients across NPR Member stations.

Measuring Radio's Effectiveness

Brands and agencies can track how a radio campaign affects website traffic and social media engagement in real time to ensure your campaign is meeting your objectives & KPIs.
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