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Trust from Research Narrative, 2023.

The attention and loyalty of 42M people. Innovative programming and award-winning hosts. A safe, uncluttered environment for brands. All part of why NPR and public media make a bigger impact than any other partner.

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Tap into our decades of experience in audio and the latest research into what works for public media. We’re here to help guide you with best practices and measurement services to quantify your results.

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It's not just about what you say or how you say it, it's where you say it. When you engage people on public media platforms they respect, they take notice – and take action.

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  • #1 most trusted news brand 1
  • 82% of listeners have taken action based on an NPR sponsorship announcement 2
  • 23% more memorable — NPR sponsor messages resonate compared to traditional radio ads 3
  • 42M weekly audience across NPR platforms 4

Sources: (1) Research Narrative, News Media Brand Study, Fall 2023, among a set of 13 major news brands; (2) Kantar, NPR State of Sponsorship Survey, 2023; (3) Neuro-Insight, NPR Sponsorship Effectiveness Study, 2018; (4) Internal estimate based on Nielsen Audio, Google Analytics, Comscore, and NPR podcast reporting, Sep-Dec 2023.

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From podcast mid-roll to radio spots, NPR sponsorship placements perform because they respect the tone and standards audiences expect from public media, while capturing attention and resonating deeply.

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