The 2020 Spoken Word Audio Report

In a webinar on October 13, NPR and Edison Research shared the 2020 Spoken Word Audio Report. The report examined how listening behavior has changed during COVID-19 and explored the forces driving an increase in spoken word listening year over year.
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NPR Podcast Report

As an early podcast pioneer and leading podcast publisher today, NPR believes sharing knowledge lifts all boats and benefits the entire industry. In this semiannual report, NPR shares learnings from audience research and analytics on all things podcast. The Winter 2021 release includes trends NPR is seeing in overall audience, podcast promotion strategies with impact, and effective approaches to sponsor messages.
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The Smart Audio Report

The Smart Audio Report from NPR and Edison Research is a recurring study on trends in smart speaker ownership and voice assistant user behavior. Since its first release in 2017, the Report has revealed trends in smart speaker adoption and usage, and insight into how voice technology is shaping consumer attitudes and behaviors.
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February 2021

NPR Sponsorship Results for Financial Brands

NPR listeners are invested in managing their finances. Financial brands that sponsor NPR see significant impact in increasing awareness, opinion and interest in learning more.

January 2021

NPR Daily Podcasts Perform for Sponsors

With the news moving faster than ever, daily podcast listening is on the rise. NPR offers a suite of daily titles that both engage listeners and perform for sponsors.

December 2020

NPR's Year in Review: 2020

What a year! Throughout the (rare) ups and (many) downs of 2020, NPR brought fact-based, trustworthy journalism and high quality content to millions of people across the country and around the globe.

December 2020

Code Switch Named "Show of the Year" by Apple Podcasts

In 2020, NPR's Code Switch podcast featuring fearless conversations about race and culture was recognized as the first-ever "Show of the Year" by Apple Podcasts.

Adweek Virtual Series: How Brands Found Their Voice With Audio, Presented by Midroll, NPR, Pandora
October 2020

Takeaways for Marketers: How Brands Found Their Voice with Audio

Explore top takeaways from NPR's presentation at Adweek's Virtual Series exploring the growing audio landscape and its implications for marketers.

September 2020

NPR Sponsorship Results for Outschool

Outschool turned to audio marketing to connect parents with their remote learning platform. Attribution insights gave Outschool the confidence to forecast and scale their marketing according to data.

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