The Spoken Word Audio Report

On November 9, NPR and Edison Research shared the highly anticipated fifth installment of the Spoken Word Audio Report. The latest research explores the ways spoken word audio listening has increased over time, with a special focus on the increased interest younger listeners are showing in the medium.
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Transference of Trust

How do brands establish trust? A ground-breaking new study from NPR and Neuro-Insight explores how a platform can transfer its trustworthiness to sponsors, what the subconscious can tell us about purchase intent and the effectiveness of NPR radio sponsorship vs. commercial TV news.
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The Smart Audio Report

The Smart Audio Report from NPR and Edison Research is a recurring study on trends in smart speaker ownership and voice assistant user behavior. Since its first release in 2017, the Report has revealed trends in smart speaker adoption and usage, and insight into how voice technology is shaping consumer attitudes and behaviors.
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Radio: Live On Air and Everywhere

On April 15, NPR and Edison Research released a comprehensive report exploring the increasingly important role radio is playing in Americans' lives. The report covers the latest trends in radio listening and offers a deep dive into the listening behavior of six unique radio audience segments.
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NPR Podcast Report

As an early podcast pioneer and leading podcast publisher today, NPR believes sharing knowledge lifts all boats and benefits the entire industry. In this semiannual report, NPR shares learnings from audience research and analytics on all things podcast. The Winter 2022 release includes trends NPR is seeing in overall audience, podcast promotion strategies with impact, and effective approaches to sponsor messages.
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September 2023

Tiny Desk Contest Activates Millions Across Air, Digital and In-Person

Sponsors joined Tiny Desk Contest on the road, bringing engaging on-site activations to each of the eight tour stops and connecting with NPR fans across platforms.

August 2023

Planet Money TikTok Builds Awareness Among Young Audiences

Planet Money has attracted a wider audience and made economics more enjoyable for younger audiences.

August 2023

New Research Confirms NPR’s Halo Effect for Brands

Our high quality journalism does more than inform for the public good- it also provides a brand-safe environment. The NPR halo effect helps make NPR not only the #1 in trust for listeners, but the #1 in trust for brands.

July 2023

NPR Sponsor Success: MassMutual Helps Small Business Owners Plan for the Future

MassMutual utilized NPM’s Campaign Intelligence Analysis service to analyze their campaign’s attribution data.

June 2023

How Electric Vehicles Can Drive Results with NPR

New research offers insight into what NPR listeners are most curious about hearing from auto brands marketing electric vehicles.

May 2023

NPR at the 2023 IAB Podcast Upfront

This May, NPR returned to the stage at the 2023 IAB Podcast Upfront, showcasing new programming, new hosts and why NPR is a trusted and brand safe media partner.

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