Celebrating The Women Behind Your Favorite NPR Content

March 2023

NPR’s award winning programming and groundbreaking journalism wouldn’t happen without the work of so many women, who continue to make strides in the industry and put out some of your favorite content both on the mic and off. To wrap up this International Women’s Month, NPR is highlighting some of its brilliant stars.

Amanda Aronczyk, Mary Childs, Erika Beras, and Sarah Gonzalez

 This incredible quartet of co-hosts and reporters at Planet Money continue to find creative, entertaining ways to make sense of the complicated forces shaping our economy. Through their fastidious reporting and deliberate educational, jocular tone, they have each radically forged a pathway for their global femme-identifying audience to achieve financial literacy. With them at the helm, the Planet Money podcast is set to take on any economy.

Discover Planet Money 

Anamaria Artemisa Sayre

Anamaria Artemesia Sayre recently joined Alt.Latino as a co-host, pioneering the platform for Latin music and culture with her co-host Felix Contreras. As a multimedia producer for NPR music, she’s responsible for curating Latin artists at the Tiny Desk, remarking– “I get to help people have that moment and connect with someone that they care about and that they musically care about.”

Dile “Hola” A Anamaria Sayre

Mary Louise Kelly

If you’re a longtime Nipper, or NPR fan, you already know the legendary Mary Louise Kelly. In case you’re new here, she’s the co-host of All Things Considered, NPR’s award-winning afternoon newsmagazine. She spent a decade as a seasoned national security correspondent before taking on one of the most esteemed roles in journalism. 

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Brittany Luse

Brittany Luse is the host of It’s Been A Minute, with some of the best takes in the culture space. Each week, she tracks down the things everybody’s talking about and gives fresh, informed opinions that will surprise and educate you, in conversation with your favorite creators, tastemakers, and experts. She’s one talented journalist, and an equally brilliant and entertaining host!

Enjoy It’s Been A Minute

Of course, there are so many other women and femme-identifying stars at NPR whose work is worth celebrating every day of every month. You can learn more about sponsoring NPR’s gratifying, innovative work here.

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