NPR Podcast Report

February 2022
The NPR Podcast Report

As an early podcast pioneer and leading podcast publisher today, NPR believes sharing knowledge lifts all boats and benefits the entire industry. In this semiannual report, NPR shares learnings from audience research and analytics on all things podcast. The Winter 2022 release includes trends NPR is seeing in overall audience, podcast promotion strategies with impact, and effective approaches to sponsor messages.

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In the Winter 2022 Report:

  • Podcast Trends – Despite the challenges of the last two years, American audiences continue to be drawn to daily content.

  • Local News, National Audiences – Local journalism integrated across platforms has seen a wider audience reach, reaching new, diverse audiences.

  •  Sponsorship Impact – By aligning with audience passions, sponsors can expect high engagement with target audiences.

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Previous Reports

In the Winter 2021 Report:

  • Podcast promotion: strategies for marketing your podcast to grow audience, including a case study of NPR’s Life Kit podcast.
  • Impact for sponsors: NPR audience testing reveals NPR sponsor messages are perceived as more sincere and drive intent to purchase.
  • Best practices for brands: insights into what kind of messages podcast listeners want to hear from companies during the pandemic.

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In the Summer 2020 Report:

  • NPR Podcast Trends: As the pandemic upsets normal listening habits, on-demand listening and NPR’s podcast audience continue to grow.
  • Feature Stories: Specific NPR podcasts saw a spike in interest as listeners sought context for America’s reckoning with racial injustice.
  • Impact for Brands: NPR podcasts consistently drive brand awareness, interest, and positive opinion for brands that sponsor NPR.

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