In 2014 NPR Music launched the Tiny Desk Contest with the goal of discovering under-the-radar musical talent from artists across the U.S. Over the past three years, the Tiny Desk Contest has grown into a franchise that amplifies all that NPR Music is – a nexus for the discovery of music of all genres. Together with Lagunitas Brewing Company – a brand that also has music in its DNA – the Tiny Desk Contest has given a platform to emerging artists from all 50 states to share their music and tell their story.

In its third year, the Contest drew 6,600+ entries, bringing the total over three years to 18K submissions, and engaged over 75,000 people through the Contest entry process alone. And, the Contest’s first-ever winner Fantastic Negrito won his first Grammy Award in 2017. 

Through increased social engagement, national press recognition and a nationwide 11-city tour, NPR expanded the footprint of the Tiny Desk Contest, linked by the partnership with Lagunitas. Previewed below, we composed a series of completely custom sponsorship products to weave Lagunitas’ message through the Contest experience. 



Tiny Desk Contest Entry Site

A full takeover of the Tiny Desk Contest Entry site, including prime logo placement and Main Stage banner. 


Tiny Desk Contest Entry Viewer

A sticky banner image that persisted while scrolling through and viewing contest entries.


Tiny Desk Contest Emails

Promotional banner featured in all Tiny Desk Contest e-mails. 


Lagunitas Brewing Company Center Stage

A Center Stage roadblock banner – responsive and interactive.


NPR Music / Lagunitas Halo Center Stage

A Halo/Center Stage custom hybrid banner to include the Lagunitas Brewing Company banner strip with the Tiny Desk Contest promotional messages.


Lagunitas Brewing Company Banners

300 x 600 banners presented not only on NPR Music, but NPR.org as well. 


Tiny Desk Contest Halo Banners

300 x 600 Halo Unit banners focused on contest links and featuring the Lagunitas Brewing Company’s logo. 


Tiny Desk Contest Tumblr

Sticky logo placement linking to the Lagunitas Brewing Company homepage on the Tumblr page for the Tiny Desk Contest.


Tiny Desk Contest: On the Road

11-City Live Events Tour

In 2017, NPR Music and Lagunitas went on the road for the Tiny Desk Contest tour. The 11-city events series featured performances by local musicians from the Contest, along with “Lagunitas Local Favorites.”

NPR Music and Lagunitas traveled across the U.S. to major music markets and stops at Lagunitas TapRooms. More than 2,500 fans came out to the live events and the Contest reached 160.8 million users* on Twitter.


*Source: Twitter, the number of unique users who saw #TinyDeskContest tweets

Photo Credit: Megan Bearder, Michael Katzif

Photo Credit: Megan Bearder, Bob Boilen

Photo Credit: Michael Katzif, Bob Boilen

Photo Credit: Bob Boilen, AMK

Photo Credit: Bob Boilen, Megan Bearder

Photo Credit: Lizzie Cohen, Michael Katzif

Photo Credit: Morgan Noelle Smith, Marian Carrasquero