Radio Credit - Local

Available for: Audio, Radio

On-air messaging with public radio stations identifies and describes sponsors, offering a unique and effective complement to any regional advertising campaign. Messaging guidelines are shaped by audience research as well as government regulations to provide a sponsorship environment that works best for listeners and sponsors alike.

Messaging that works on NPR Member stations:

  • Keep it clear: State who you are, what you do, and where listeners can learn more. Operating divisions and subsidiaries may be named as well.
  • Focus on features: Instead of “fast and safe,” say “240 horsepower and side-curtain airbags.” NPR listeners prefer a direct approach.
  • Reference current creative: Established, non-promotional slogans are allowed and broader themes often emerge from existing ad creative.
  • Acknowledge the environment: Where possible, underscore alignment with NPR and listener values.

2024 Broadcast Calendar & Guidelines

2025 Broadcast Calendar & Guidelines



15 seconds, depending on local stations’ policy. Some stations may air 10 second spots.

Submitting Copy

Copy may be faxed or emailed to your National Public Media sales representative.
Stations need copy in advance, usually 2–4 business days before scheduled flight.


Messaging for campaigns on public radio stations is read after the opening phrase: “Support for [WXYZ] comes from…