For Deloitte, innovation starts with insight and seeing challenges in a new way. Their breadth, depth, and scale, combined with their passion for business innovation, create powerful opportunities to help their clients stay ahead of change, deliver impact that matters, and transform disruption into lasting value.

Since 2021, NPM Creative has collaborated with Deloitte to create custom Spotlight mid-rolls that amplify their thought-provoking, transformative eminence and innovative work.

This year, Chief Futurist Mike Bechtel reflected on the research that informed Deloitte’s 2023 Tech Trends report, sharing tangible examples that led to key takeaways. In 2022, Director of the Deloitte Health Equity Institute Jay Bhatt explained how Deloitte’s data provides important healthcare insights, and Principal Nittin Mittal unpacked the State of AI report, describing how AI can help organizations evolve their services and strategies. And in 2021 Global Human Capital Leader Erica Volini shared findings from the Human Capital Trends Report, including how organizations can empower their employees in ever-evolving work environments.

Tech Trends Report

Introducing the xTech framework

A shift from deep specialists

Future-friendly and forwards-compatible

Three enduring forces of technology

Building the 2023 report holistically

A key to successfully adopting AI

Deloitte Health Equity Institute

HealthPrism platform

Founding the Institute

State of AI

Prioritizing AI to help improve services and strategies.

What defines an AI-ready company culture

AI as a philosophy

How company culture helps implement AI

Human Capital Trends Report

How organizations can help empower their workforce

Focusing on people when planning for the future

Re-imagining the future of work