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Maintaining cash flow can be overwhelming for small business owners when there are products to make and employees to support, but it doesn’t have to be that way. SAP Concur solutions are easy to use and give small businesses visibility into and control over their finances.

To hear how these tools helped one small business grow, tune in to a conversation between Aaron Muderick of Crazy Aaron Enterprises and Val Blatt from SAP Concur. NPM Creative interviewed Aaron and Val, who share why even an “immature” toy company needed a more mature solution for managing its finances, and how the integrated platform from SAP Concur solutions empowers Aaron to keep delivering more toys, and more joy, into the hands of happy children.

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How One Small Business Got The Help They Needed To Grow

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The Moment This Small Business Owner Knew To Look For Help

How Automation Gives Time Back To Focus On Passions

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Streamlining Workflow Processes With Concur Invoice

Making A Seamless Transition To Remote Work

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