SAP Concur

When it comes to running a business, cash (flow) is king. But managing day-to-day finances can be a challenge when there are products to make and employees to support.

SAP Concur solutions are flexible, easy to use, and help automate finances so businesses get control and visibility over spending, and their teams can focus on more impactful work. To learn how these tools have helped a variety of businesses increase efficiency, tune in to stories produced with NPM Creative that feature SAP Concur leaders, customers, and partners.

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Building efficiencies to better serve patients

Automating small tasks to help employees think big

How better data can improve employee travel

Partnering to simplify international payments

How small businesses can leverage technology to take control of their spending

How The Tech Interactive managed unplanned expenses in a year of change

Improving Visibility Into Travel Expenses

How One Small Business Got The Help They Needed To Grow

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How AtriCure automated so employees could focus on purposeful work

How SAP Concur’s Audit and Expense tool supports Brother UK

Improving travel expense management for the employees of Baylis Medical

Why Alkermes chose SAP Concur

How SAP Concur and TransferMate work to increase visibility

How automation gives time back to focus on passions

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