SAP knows that technology can help build better business, whether through scalable commerce experiences or better fan experiences. To share how they’re helping companies across industries achieve this, SAP partnered with NPM Creative to showcase customer stories.

One of these customers is the iconic technology and print company Kodak, whose CEO Jim Continenza joined SAP’s Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer for CX, Sameer Patel for a discussion about their partnership. In another conversation about taking a technology-forward approach—this time with the goal of creating the ultimate fan experience—SAP’s Richard Strattner spoke with Jonathan Becher, the President of Sharks Sports and Entertainment. Tune in to both stories below!


Game-Changer: Using technology to deliver a better fan experience for Sharks Sports and Entertainment

How SAP is helping Kodak transform their customer experience

“Almost every business is taking a hard look at what they do right now, and they’re thinking about how they need to either optimize or entirely transform going forward.”

Sameer Patel, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer, SAP CX/CRM