Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

In 1980, Ken Grossman made his first batch of Pale Ale—and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company was born. 40 years later, as Ken runs the company hand-in-hand with his daughter Sierra and son Brian, Sierra Nevada is still proudly family owned, operated, and argued over.

In full Soundscapes and custom mid-rolls produced by NPM Creative, Ken Grossman, his family, and fellow brewer Terence Sullivan discuss the science of brewing, the art of using hops to create flavor, and how they all maintain the family values that continue to shape the business.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company soundscape display examples

Full Soundscape

A Family, A Brewery, And A Passion For "Doing It Right"

Behind The Brew: Where Science Meets Craft

Soundscape Mid-Rolls

Mid-Roll: Building A Company—And A Culture

Mid-Roll: Bigger Than A Brewery

The Visuals

Story Center Stage

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"What we came away with was an authentic, compelling story that’s going to allow us to have a deeper connection with the NPR audience."

Noelle Haley, VP of Marketing, Sierra Nevada