The House of Rohl

The House of Rohl is dedicated to curating artisanal kitchen and bath fixtures, supporting traditional methods of craft to create collections of modern innovation, imagination, and unique beauty.

The House of Rohl partnered with NPM Creative to share the stories behind several of their brands. Captured in full Soundscapes and custom mid-rolls, these stories invite listeners to learn more about the traditions of craftspeople around the world, showcasing the generations of experience behind their handcrafted bathtubs, sinks, showerheads and faucets.

Full Soundscape

The Craft Behind Artisan Bathtubs

The Artistry, Craft, And History Behind Shaws Sinks

Soundscape Mid-Rolls

Mid-Roll: A Tub That's Also A Conversation-Starter

Mid-Roll: From Artisan Skill To Organic Design

Mid-Roll: Handcrafting Sinks With Pride

Mid-Roll: Bringing Something Special To Every Kitchen

Mid-Roll: A Passion For What They're Producing

The Visuals

Story Center Stage

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Story Center Stage

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