We help you navigate a complex data landscape.

Traditionally, there has been little transparency in the advertising industry about how user data is collected, segmented, and reported, and marketers today are experiencing greater limitations on their targeting capabilities. Users are demanding control of their data, while browsers and technology providers place controls on marketers’ abilities to reach their target audiences and measure their success. 

NPM can help brands navigate these challenges. We offer 1st party and non-cookie-based solutions, advanced data capabilities to reach and measure the audience, and a consultative approach — all with user trust at the center of our strategy.

Target the right audience for success.

The NPR audience is multi-faceted and scalable. By leveraging our data tech stack, brands can segment and scale different audiences to meet their marketing goals.

Podcast Targeting

Advanced contextual and demographic targeting capabilities allow you to reach audiences in the context best suited for your brand and in cookieless environments.

Display Targeting

Maximize user trust and sustainability with NPR’s own 1st party segments, share your own 2nd party data for precision and control, or scale reach specific audiences with 3rd party data. With advanced modeling capabilities or one-to-one matches, sponsorship on allows you to reach your target audience in the way that works best for you.

Measure audience-specific trends in display campaign performance.

With audience-specific campaign analyses, sponsors can understand the characteristics of their target audience or users who click on their banners, and use that information to tailor future campaigns.
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Ensure user privacy and consent with NPR sponsorship.

The NPR audience trusts NPR to use their data responsibly. NPR prioritizes user privacy and compliance in its practices, creating positive user relationships that benefit brands too.

We can help your brand prioritize user privacy with your NPR sponsorship through tools like 1st party targeting, data collaboration via a data clean room, or consultation on best practices.

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