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Sponsorship is an investment — which means you need to know how your investment performs. From brand lift studies that quantify the impact of your NPR campaign on brand awareness and consideration, to real-time attribution measurement tools that link your audio campaign to actions on digital platforms to offer real time attribution analytics, National Public Media is dedicated to helping you measure the results of your investment.

Proven Success


increase in effectiveness when a sponsor’s campaign is extended across multiple NPR platforms³


average conversion rate for NPR podcast downloaders visiting a sponsor’s website — 6x more effective than traditional display ads¹


lift in brand usage among NPR podcast listeners exposed to a sponsor’s campaign, compared to unexposed listeners²

Sources: (1) Podsights, 2019 NPR campaign average; (2) Lightspeed Research, 2019 NPR sponsor survey average; (3) NPR Digital Impact Study, recall among users exposed to sponsor’s message on 4 or more platforms vs. unexposed users.

Measurement Tools and Brand Research

NPM offers a variety of cutting-edge tools for measuring campaign impact, allowing sponsors to gain a nuanced and thorough understanding of not just what worked, but why it worked.




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December 2019

New Data: The Spoken Word Audio Report from NPR & Edison

Spoken word audio listening is growing at a dramatic rate, a new report from NPR and Edison Research finds. Since 2014, the share of time spent with spoken word audio has increased 20%. This shift comes at the expense of music, which saw its share of time decrease by 5% across the same period.

October 2019

Top Takeaways From The Power Of Audio Summit 2019

It’s more important than ever for brands to find audio enthusiasts in-house, and at their agencies and media partners to develop a successful audio strategy. At NPM, we understand that a strong campaign relies on the right mix of reach, frequency, authenticity and affinity from the audience.

September 2018

At NPR, Sponsor Messages Are 23% More Memorable

NPR commissioned a study by Neuro-Insight to demonstrate the effectiveness of sponsor messages in comparison to traditional radio ads. The results? NPR’s sponsor messages are 23% more memorable than traditional radio ads. Learn why.

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