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Delivering results backed by metrics.

Sponsorship is an investment — which means you need to know how your investment performs. From brand lift studies that quantify the impact of your NPR campaign on brand awareness and consideration, to real-time attribution measurement tools that link your audio campaign to actions on digital platforms to offer real time attribution analytics, National Public Media is dedicated to helping you measure the results of your investment.

Proven Success


increase in effectiveness when a sponsor’s campaign is extended across multiple NPR platforms³


average conversion rate for NPR podcast downloaders visiting a sponsor’s website — 5x more effective than traditional display ads¹


lift in brand usage among NPR podcast listeners exposed to a sponsor’s campaign, compared to unexposed listeners²

Sources: (1) Spotify Ad Analytics, 2023 NPR campaign average, vs. 2023 desktop display benchmark from Google Ad Manager. (2) Kantar, NPR sponsor survey average, 2021-2023; (3) NPR Digital Impact Study, recall among users exposed to sponsor’s message on radio and podcasts vs. radio alone.

Measurement Tools and Brand Research

NPM offers a variety of cutting-edge tools for measuring campaign impact, allowing sponsors to gain a nuanced and thorough understanding of not just what worked, but why it worked.



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Spotify Ad Analytics



Nielsen Podcast Ad Effectiveness

Omnibus Research

Partnership Research


Veritone Attribute

News & Insights

March 2023

Outdoor Brand’s Community Engagement Stories Resonate with NPR Listeners

NPR sponsorship boosts positive awareness of an outdoor brand while highlighting its community efforts in custom creative.

February 2023

Host or Announcer-Read Sponsorship Messages?: A New Study With Veritonic Decides

There's ongoing debate about whether announcer or host-read ad formats are best. A recent study reveals 78% of listeners find both types of messages useful.

October 2022

Heard & Remembered: How NPR Audio Made Kroger’s Message Stick

Research conducted with Neuro-Insight, which features grocer brand Korger, reveals that NPR sponsorship audio generates strong “memory encoding.”

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