Attribution Insights Prove NPR Podcast Sponsorship Performs.

At National Public Media, we know firsthand what it takes to build a successful public media sponsorship campaign, and we’ve developed a suite of tools to help drive and measure results. It’s no surprise that NPR podcast listeners appreciate sponsors — we know from audience surveys that 61% of NPR podcast listeners prefer to buy from brands that sponsor NPR.¹

New attribution data from Podsights and Barometric, two of the tools NPM offers to track the effectiveness of NPR podcast campaigns, confirm that NPR podcast campaigns perform for sponsors and surpass results seen from traditional digital advertising and even industry benchmarks for podcast advertising. These results also offer insights into what messaging, targeting, and frequency work best in NPR podcasts — and how brands can make the most of their NPR podcast buy.

NPR podcast campaigns drive results for brands.


1.1% of users who download an NPR podcast sponsorship message engage with a brand’s website — 7x greater engagement than traditional display banners.²


NPR podcast campaigns drive an average 96% lift in web traffic — 3x greater than the industry average for podcast advertising effectiveness.³


Return sponsors see even greater lift — conversion rates for returning sponsors on subsequent campaigns performed 21% above NPR benchmarks.²

Across NPR’s podcast network, content and demographic targeting can generate great performance with efficient buys. Placements with content targeting generated a conversion rate 55% above NPR podcast benchmarks.² Campaigns targeting specific listener demographics drove a conversion rate 82% above NPR podcast benchmarks.²

Watch National Public Media on Audio Measurement

On October 1, 2020, National Public Media presented a session at the IAB Reach Conference about the current state of audio measurement, featuring an exclusive interview where NPR sponsor Hubspot shared their experience with tracking audio performance.

Make the most of your NPR podcast campaign.

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Sources: 1. NPR All Podcast Listener Survey, April 2019; 2. Podsights, 2020; 3. Barometric Historical Benchmark 2020.

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