NPR Sponsorship Results for Financial Brands

February 2021

As a whole, NPR listeners are financially equipped to make an impact. They tend to have spending power – the median household income of NPR listeners is around $100,000. At work, they’re more likely than average to be part of business purchase decisions. And in their personal life, they’re interested in managing their finances. Listeners are 40% more likely than the average adult in the U.S. to plan to invest in some way in the next 12 months.1

Financial brands sponsoring NPR podcasts see an average 23% lift in users who have ever used their brand – 3x greater than NPR’s overall benchmark for podcast campaigns. Financial companies also see greater lift than NPR campaigns overall in brand rating and users visiting the brand’s website.2

Two financial brands that sponsored NPR this year demonstrate the kind of results that NPR sponsorship can drive for financial companies.

One financial brand saw promising results early in their NPR radio campaign. An impact study in February 2020 showed that in addition to an 8% lift in awareness, the campaign generated interest and opinion in the brand and an increase in visits to their website.

Among NPR listeners exposed to the campaign:


lift in recent visits to website 143% lift for parent brand.


lift in highly positive opinion of the brand — 137% lift among those recalling the sponsorship.


lift in interest in learning more about the brand — 133% among those recalling the sponsorship.

Source: NPR Listener Survey, February 2020.

Following continued sponsorship of NPR radio programs, additional impact research in October 2020 showed that the company’s messages generated further lift in awareness and positive opinion of the brand. Additionally, total positive rating of the brand and interest in learning more about it improved among NPR listeners:


lift in sponsorship awareness – 28% among heavy listeners.


lift in interest in learning more about the brand.


lift in opinion of the brand among heavy listeners.

Source: NPR Listener Survey, October 2020.

A different financial investment company sponsored NPR podcasts from April to September 2020 and saw standout results. Campaign messaging ran in Up First, Fresh Air and Planet Money podcasts. In addition to a 48% increase in awareness of the brand, the study revealed lift in consideration and agreement that the brand is a company listeners trust. Consideration of the brand increased with exposure to the campaign. The greatest interest was among listeners who recalled hearing the sponsorship.



lift in awareness among exposed listeners – 57% among heavily exposed listeners.


lift in consideration among heavily exposed listeners – 215% among listeners who recalled the sponsorship


lift in agreement that the brand is “a company I trust” – 118% among listeners who recalled the sponsorship.

Source: NPR Listener Survey, September 2020.

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1. MRI-Simmons Doublebase 2020, among custom NPR News audience. HHI from MRI, comScore, NPR User Surveys.

2. Brand Lift Studies, 2019-2020.

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