When NPR Speaks, Listeners Pay Attention

April 2023

Amid a media landscape which capitalizes upon an ‘attention economy,’ a captivated audience is nearly priceless. A new study conducted by NPR with the listeners of All Things Considered reveals how NPR gets, and keeps, audiences’ attention more than other platforms.  

NPR’s new study measured listeners’ habits against other forms of media found:


of podcast listeners pay close attention to NPR sponsorship message.


of listeners agree that “I am more attentive to the content when listening to NPR than I am when watching TV.”

NPR Sponsorship Survey, 2023.

Not only is this true for NPR programming– it also extends to NPR’s sponsors and the messages they share. While 47% of commercial radio sponsors agree they pay attention to ads on their favorite station, NPR has an even higher rate of attention, with 64% of listeners agreeing that they pay “close attention” to the sponsorship messages on NPR.¹

What’s more, NPR sponsorship messages do not simply drive attentive listeners, they also make sure that messages stick with their audience. Neuro-Insight found NPR’s sponsor messages to be 23% more memorable than traditional radio ads, and, in a test of CSR-focused ads, NPR’s sponsorship messages were 40% more memorable than video ads.²

NPR sponsors have the unique opportunity to garner attention, drive brand awareness and opinion and be heard.

Download the Study



  1. NPR Sponsorship Survey, 2023.
  2. Neuro-Insight, NPR Radio Effectiveness Study 2018.

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