Womply Activates High Frequency Sponsorship to Reach Small Businesses

August 2021


Womply stands for small businesses. Since their launch in 2011, they’ve helped over 500,000 American businesses find their footing in a digital world with marketing automation, business intelligence, and CRM services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, help meant connecting self-employed workers and small business owners with PPP loans – fast – to keep their livelihoods afloat. And that includes NPR listeners, who are 156% more likely to be self-employed professionals¹ and 41% more likely to be small business owners.² To spread the word, Womply partnered with NPR in a cross-platform campaign spanning radio, podcast, and digital placements. 


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive website visits to Womply’s PPP forms, including small business owners and contractors


With over 200 million monthly fans, NPR users prefer to consume content on a single platform with low cross-visiting between radio, podcast, and digital platforms.³ For instance, 75% of NPR’s weekly podcast listeners don’t listen to NPR radio.¹ NPR crafted a multi-platform campaign focusing on a high share of voice and high frequency campaign to maximize Womply’s presence, reaching listeners wherever they are in their day, from their cars to their smart speakers. 

Listen to Womply’s creative:


Building high frequency and high share of voice over the course of two months was a winning strategy to achieve Womply’s campaign objectives. The campaign saw higher than average conversion rates across multiple platforms, achieving a conversion rate of 1.9% and exceeding the NPR podcast conversion rate by 0.83%.⁴


lift in website visitors from podcast placements⁴


lift in recall, among those heavily exposed to the campaign⁵


of podcast and radio listeners exposed to the campaign were interested in learning more⁵

Additional insights from NPR’s multiplatform strategy included identifying specific genres and platforms that resonated with Womply’s core target. News podcasts drove the most conversions overall, while pre-roll in music-focused podcasts achieved the highest conversion rate. The genuine interest listeners hold for NPR content benefits sponsors as well, with one compelling episode achieving an extra 120k delivery of impressions.⁵

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