NPR On Air

A Compelling Environment for Sponsors

NPR is a standard-setting producer and distributor of top-quality news, information and music programming with audio that has been crafted for more than 45 years. Listeners value NPR as a source of trusted content and an oasis from commercialism. 

Heard on more than 1,000 stations nationwide, NPR reaches 27.3 million weekly radio listeners, and has the two most listened-to drive-time radio programs in the country: Morning Edition and All Things Considered.1

With a low ad-to-edit ratio, your brand doesn’t have to shout to be heard. Instead, your message resonates – NPR sponsorship messages are 23% more memorable than ads on traditional radio.2

Source: CT 1 based on Nielsen Nationwide, Persons 12+. Based on program broadcast times, Mon-Sun Midnight-Midnight. © 2019 The Nielsen Company. May not be quoted or reproduced without the prior written permission of Nielsen. NPR Listeners.



of NPR listeners have a more positive opinion when they find out it advertises on NPR stations


of NPR listeners prefer to buy products from companies that advertise on NPR stations


of NPR listeners agree that the businesses they hear on NPR stations are more credible

Source: March 2019 Survey Base: Listeners = Morning Edition/All Things Considered listeners (n=461). Nonlisteners = listen regularly to radio, but no NPR in the past 12 months. (n=460) Nonlisteners answered questions about the station they listen to most often.

Sponsorship Opportunities


NPR offers opportunities for sponsors at the national, regional and local level. Sponsors can align with relevant programs and series at the network level, or target key markets with a spot campaign on NPR stations.

On air, sponsors are recognized with audio announcements meeting NPR guidelines and read by NPR talent. Time and time again, listeners confirm the value of NPR on air sponsorship through research demonstrating that listeners prefer to do business with companies that support NPR.