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NPR Underwriting aligns leading brands with NPR's excellent storytelling & rigorous reporting. Photo of of NPR Correspondent Peter Breslow in Antarctica, recording audio to be featured on air.
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A Tradition of Excellence

A standard-setting producer and distributor of top-quality news, information and music programming for more than 40 years, NPR is unique among radio. Listeners value NPR as a source of trusted content and an oasis from commercialism. NPR stations are seen as true institutions in their communities. Listeners consider NPR personally important to them, and frequently discuss content with friends, family and colleagues.


A National Brand

Heard on more than 1,000 stations nationwide, NPR is the primary content provider, the backbone network and “the brand” in non-commercial radio. NPR reaches 28.9 million weekly radio listeners, and has the two most listened-to drive-time radio programs in the country: Morning Edition and All Things Considered.*


NPR Programs

Essential News & Commentary: Longstanding news programs Morning Edition and All Things Considered are complemented by Weekend EditionOn Point and NPR Newscasts

Laughter & Culture: Ask Me Another and Wait Wait….Don’t Tell Me! entertain audiences with quizzes based on pop culture and current events, while Fresh Air offers immersive culture commentary

Innovation & Storytelling: TED Radio Hour explores astonishing ideas and inventions, and Hidden Brain and Invisibilia delve into the forces that shape human behavior.



NPR offers opportunities for sponsors at the national, regional and local level. Sponsors can align with relevant programs and series at the network level, or target key markets with a spot campaign on NPR stations. On air, sponsors are recognized with audio announcements meeting NPR guidelines and read by NPR talent. Time and time again, listeners confirm the value of NPR on air sponsorship through research demonstrating that listeners prefer to do business with companies that support NPR.


*Source: Spring 2018 ACT 1 based on Nielsen Nationwide, Persons 12+, Mon.-Sun. © 2018 The Nielsen Company. May not be quoted or reproduced without the prior written permission of Nielsen.