Short Wave

A new podcast bringing you the science behind the headlines, daily!

NPR’s new daily science podcast Short Wave is hosted by Maddie Sofia, from NPR’s Science Desk. Monday – Friday, in 10 minutes or less, Short Wave delivers smart, fun and innovative science-based stories that make you see the world a little differently.

Episodes will focus on a specific topic and examine it through a scientific lens. Stories dive into anything from how communities are tackling climate change to what implications space discoveries have here on planet Earth.

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Spotlight on Maddie Sofia

Maddie Sofia is the host of Short Wave – NPR’s daily science podcast. Before hosting Short Wave, Maddie hosted the NPR video show “Maddie About Science“. The show takes viewers behind the scenes with scientists, revealing their motivations and sharing their research—from insect mimics to space probes headed for the sun. Maddie also co-developed the world-wide NPR Scicommers program – which supports scientists interesting in building their communication skills.

You can hear Maddie on Short Wave, NPR’s daily science podcast.

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