Video (Pre-roll)

Available for: Video, Desktop, Mobile

Leverage existing video assets by aligning with an NPR program or series. Your video will play as a 15-second pre-roll before NPR program or series video begins on



15 seconds

File Specifications:

16:9 aspect ratio
.mov or .mp4 file with H.264 codec
Max file size of 512mb

HD Specifications:

1920×1080 (16:9 widescreen) or 1440×1080 (4:3 standard)
10mbps bitrate or higher

Audio Specifications:

48khz or 44.1khz resolution
AAC codec
128kpbs bitrate

Serving Options:

VAST/VPAID through DCM; other third party vendors with approval.

Tracking Capabilities

DCM tracking pixels; other vendors with approval only


2 business days