Programmatic Display

Available for: Display, Desktop, Mobile, External Platforms

NPR’s display platforms consistently offer sponsors the ability to showcase their brand in uncluttered, trusted environments, featuring best-in-class viewability and expansive reach. Now, these offerings are available programmatically through private auction, preferred deals, or programmatic guaranteed buys on our website, apps, and external platforms.

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Google AdExchange (AdX)

Compatible DSPs

All DSPs that are compatible with AdX. See list here.

Deal Options
  • Preferred Deals
  • Programmatic Guaranteed/Reserved
  • Private Auction (PMP)
Available Platforms
Available Inventory
  • Web Display 
    • Desktop (300×600 | 300×250)
    • Mobile (300×250),
  •  In-App
    • 300×250
  • Video
    • :15 Video Pre-Roll (400x300v Video/VAST)
Available Targeting

Behavioral, Audience, Demographic, Device

Floor Rates

Available upon request

Creative Messaging
  • Copy Guidelines 
  • Blocked categories: cigarettes/e-cigarette, marijuana, gambling and other products subject to abuse; political candidacy, prescription drug products,FDA regulated devices, devices with unsubstantiated claims