Voice Talent

The voices behind your message.

At NPR, the voices sharing your brand’s message are an important and effective way to engage with NPR listeners. The NPR audience trusts the familiar voices of NPR they hear across podcasts, radio and digital platforms.

Voice Talent

Jessica Hansen

8 years with NPR

Chioke l'Anson

7 years with NPR

Cara Stevens

3 Years with NPR

Hear Jessica

Hear Chioke

Hear Cara

Not your average audio messages.

In surveys performed with Veritonic, NPR listeners find messages voiced by NPR talent to be more trustworthy, modern, and innovative than the average audio advertisement.


of NPR listeners prefer NPR announcer reads to host reads; another 44% have no preference


of listeners recall sponsorship messages voiced by NPR announcers


lift in top-of mind awareness driven by NPR announcer reads (vs. +14% for NPR host-reads)


lift in intent to take action driven by NPR announcer reads (vs. +1% for NPR host-reads)

Sources: Veritonic, 2018; Signal Hill Insights, NPR Sponsorship Impact Study 2021.

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