Maximizing Impact: How ezCater Used Creative Testing to Drive Brand Success

June 2024

In 2023, ezCater ran an NPR radio campaign to promote its corporate food solutions, which allow users to browse and order catering services, offering a convenient way to manage food needs for various occasions. After their first campaign with NPR showed positive results, ezCater elected to run a creative message test to further improve performance. 

Veritonic Creative Measurement

Using Veritonic measurement capabilities, NPR sponsorship offers extensive user-testing and audio creative consulting services for its sponsors. Creative measurement testing allows podcast or radio sponsors to test their creative before or during an NPR campaign, in order to optimize campaign performance or gain insights for future campaigns. Using three of ezCater’s :15 radio spots – each with a different focus on providing and managing food for work – NPM set up a creative measurement test with Veritonic panelists to determine engagement, recall, and intent. The test also aimed to determine whether certain messages resonated more strongly with public radio listeners than others.

Insights for ezCater

Among the general panel of public radio listeners, all three of ezCater’s spots performed above NPR and B2B industry benchmarks, especially when it came to attribute scores, intent, and engagement. The spots performed even better with panelists from their target audiences.

The test also revealed that the different creative options had strengths with different audiences. Attribute scores were positive with listeners especially finding the spots authentic, helpful, relevant and trustworthy – all exceeding average benchmarks for B2B messages.¹

The test enabled ezCater to evaluate how listeners were engaging with their messages and which specific elements were resonating with listeners. One spot saw high engagement peaks and number of clicks when the phrase “food for meetings” was read, which those listeners felt contributed to the “likeable” attribute. Based on the insights received from the creative test, ezCater was able to make minor, informed changes to their copy to drive better results, including adjusting some language to appeal to a broader range of business professionals.¹

Listen to ezCater’s radio creative:

Manage Food for Work

Flexible Food for Hybrid Office

Meetings and Team Lunches

Measuring Impact with Brand Lift

A brand lift survey was conducted in December 2023 to evaluate campaign impact following the creative measurement test. Results showed increased awareness of ezCater and a 29% increase in positive opinions of ezCater among NPR listeners. Specifically among business decision makers who heard the message, 95% expressed interest in learning more about the brand.²


lift in brand awareness among NPR listeners²


lift in brand awareness among business decision makers who listen to NPR²


lift in recall, with 64% of aware listeners recalling hearing the sponsorship²

Kantar, NPR Radio Listener Survey, December 2023

Combining creative measurement with a brand lift study is just one example of how NPM works with NPR sponsors to provide measurable insights and maximize campaign impact for brands. With the valuable insights gained from our full range of measurement tools, brands like ezCater can be one step closer to reaching their desired marketing goals.

See how creative copy testing can maximize results for your next NPR campaign.

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