Relaunched NPR App Offers Best of Public Radio for Listeners, Custom Integrations for Sponsors

January 2024

The newly relaunched NPR app brings together the best features from NPR’s previous mobile app experiences – NPR One and the former NPR app – to offer audiences news updates, stories, interviews, podcasts, live radio, headlines and more all in one convenient location. For sponsors, the NPR app offers NPR’s most custom branding opportunities and connection to highly engaged NPR fans.

The best of public radio, now in one app.

The newly relaunched app provides users with a highly customized experience, with content tailored to their news habits and interests. Now available on iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets, the new NPR app features:

  • The NPR One flow, a continuous stream of curated local and national news, culture and podcasts personalized to the user’s interests.
  • Curated collections of stories and podcasts on the big storylines of the day.
  • Top headlines from the NPR newsroom.
  • Live radio from the user’s local station.
  • A library of podcasts, with editor-picked recommendations from across public radio.
  • Access to NPR’s flagship news shows – Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Weekend Edition and Here & Now.

Bringing NPR daily podcasts to more ears.

The listening experience within the NPR app delivers a mix of on-demand news from NPR and the listener’s local member station, headlined by the NPR News Now news briefing, which is updated hourly.

The release of the new and improved NPR app drew more users to discover the continuous listening experience, and in December, NPR News Now rose to the top of the Podtrac ranker, becoming the #1 podcast in the U.S.

The most custom branding opportunities for NPR sponsors.

The NPR app puts your brand in front of users who engage deeply with NPR content. With NPM’s full range of sponsorship placements in the NPR app, brands can align with specific podcasts, share custom Brand Soundscapes, or sponsor channels of hand-picked NPR stories to reach listeners wherever they are.

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