NPR Sponsor Success: MassMutual Helps Small Business Owners Plan for the Future

July 2023

Small business owners work hard to build their businesses, but keeping things running day-to-day can make it challenging to plan for the long-term. MassMutual wants to help business owners protect, grow and transition the business they’ve done so much to create.

As a long-running NPR sponsor, MassMutual knows that NPR is an effective platform for reaching small business owners. In fact, NPR podcasts reach 43% of all podcast listeners who own a small business.¹

For their latest NPR podcast campaign, MassMutual partnered with NPM Creative to produce custom Spotlight Mid-rolls to run across NPR podcasts. The creative featured director Brian Trzcinski, Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), sharing how MassMutual financial professionals can help business owners balance the needs of today and tomorrow, including planning for a comfortable retirement.

By utilizing NPM’s research and measurement services – Spotify Ad Analytics attribution tracking, NPM’s Campaign Intelligence Analysis, and Veritonic creative testing and brand lift research – MassMutual was able to gain campaign insights, optimize for success and ultimately make an impact.

Actionable Insights from Campaign Intelligence Analysis

MassMutual utilized NPM’s Campaign Intelligence Analysis (CIA) service to analyze their campaign’s attribution data. With CIA, a dedicated performance analyst draws from campaign data as well as extensive expertise in podcast campaigns to surface the most impactful elements of the campaign and provide actionable recommendations for future strategy. Key areas of insight for MassMutual included:

  • Custom audio performs. Custom audio delivered a conversion rate (CR) 18% higher than standard :30 mid-roll  placements 
  • Consider all ad positions and lengths. Post-roll :60 spots, running across all NPR programming types and behaviorally targeted to business owners. were 36% more efficient than :15 and :30 spots in earlier ad positions. Pre-roll also out-performed mid-roll by CR.

Overall, MassMutual emerged as a top performer for efficiency in the Financial Services category, with a cost per visitor (CPV) 56% lower than the industry benchmark.²

Brand Lift Study Confirms Campaign Impact

 NPR worked with Veritonic to run a brand lift study surveying podcast listeners exposed to MassMutual’s campaign. The results showed that the campaign drove significant lift for brand favorability, awareness, and intent. 

Brand Lift among NPR Podcast Listeners:


 in favorability³


in awareness³


in intent³

Veritonic Brand Lift Results, April 2023

Among business decision makers – an audience that NPR is especially effective at reaching – MassMutual received an even greater lift, particularly among BDMs at small businesses.

Among business decision makers with 250 employees or less:


 lift in awareness³


 lift in favorability³


 lift in intent³

Veritonic Brand Lift Results, April 2023

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