NPR Sponsorship Results for a University During COVID-19

June 2020

NPR listeners are a valuable audience for universities. People who listen to NPR are 133% more likely to plan to select a college or university for their own continuing education in the next 12 months than those who don’t. Similarly, NPR listeners are 33% more likely to plan to help a child or grandchild with their college selection.

Those findings come from an NPR listener study conducted in April 2020 — a time when regular media habits and routines were at peak disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic and education was among the many facets of American life turned upside down. A university that sponsored NPR this spring saw their radio campaign generate strong levels of interest among the NPR audience. Results showed significant differentiation in awareness, opinion and perceptions of the university.


Among NPR listeners who recalled the university’s sponsorship:


had a positive opinion of the university — 56% lift compared to non-listeners.


agree that the university “prepares students for career success” — 63% lift compared to non-listeners.


agree they would recommend the university to a student looking for an undergraduate college — 73% lift compared to non-listeners.

Additionally, listeners who recalled the sponsorship were 267% more likely than non-listeners to express interest in learning more about the university.

Listeners who reported plans to select or help select a college or university in the next 12 months were even more responsive: 280% more likely than non-listeners to seek out more information via the university’s website.


Among those plan to select or help select a college/university in the next 12 months:


of NPR listeners had a positive opinion of the university – 39% more than non-listeners.


of NPR listeners were aware of the university – 40% more than non-listeners.


of NPR listeners visited the university website recently – 280% more than non-listeners.

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Source: NPR Listener Survey,  April  2020.

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