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It’s not only about what you say or how you say it. It’s where you say it. When you engage your audience on a platform they respect, they’ll take action.

For more than 50 years, NPR has earned listeners’ respect with trusted, fact-based journalism and storytelling. National Public Media offers creative sponsorship packages built to respect the tone and standards of NPR, and respect and engage the NPR audience across radio, podcasts, digital, and events.

NPR's audience takes listening to NPR seriously.


weekly cross-platform audience.¹


out of 17 news brands for trustworthiness, high-quality and “makes my life better.”²


and #2 most-listened-to news/talk drive-time radio programs.³


of NPR podcast listeners have taken action in response to a sponsorship message.⁴

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October 2022

Heard & Remembered: How NPR Audio Made Kroger’s Message Stick

Research conducted with Neuro-Insight, which features grocer brand Korger, reveals that NPR sponsorship audio generates strong “memory encoding.”

August 2021

Sponsor Success Story: Q&A with Wise

Wise champions audio advertising. Learn how Wise activated custom audio creative that featured a customer of their own.

August 2021

Womply Activates High Frequency Sponsorship to Reach Small Businesses

NPR's radio and podcast audiences often don't overlap. Learn how Womply maximized share of voice to reach small businesses.

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