Center Stage

Available for: Display, Desktop, Mobile, Custom

Center Stage aligns your brand with NPR’s premium, industry-leading content. Center Stage is designed to highlight your brand with interactive custom elements and is served with a persistent, nearly 100% viewable 300×600 display banner on desktop. Center Stage appears across all device types and can be centrally-placed on NPR’s Homepage, on NPR’s story pages with intelligent targeting by topic and on NPR Music’s pages.


Center Stage:

100% width, 250px height on desktop and maximum 480px height on mobile

Desktop Companion Banner:


File size:

250 kB initial
500 kB polite


Maximum of 15 seconds / 3 frames / 2 loops

Serving Options:


Tracking Capabilities

DCM tracking pixel and click trackers; other vendors with approval only


Center Stage is built by NPM. See spec doc for features and required assets.


10 business days

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