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Each month, 18M people listen to NPR podcasts. They listen at home, in their car, at work, on the go, and they’ve helped make NPR the leading podcast producer. For brands, that means the opportunity to align with a leader in an uncluttered environment where your brand’s voice stands out.

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The results speak for themselves.


of the top 10 podcasts¹


of NPR podcast users prefer to do business with NPR sponsors²


of NPR podcast listeners have taken action as a result of podcast sponsorship²


of NPR podcast listeners hold a more positive opinion of brands that support NPR²

Sources: (1) Podtrac 2024, US unique monthly audience; (2) NPR Podcast Sponsorship Survey, May 2023.

Be heard where it matters.

Share your brand’s message in some of today’s most beloved, listened-to podcasts.

Making sense of the major stories of the day.

Making sense of big, complicated forces that move our economy.

A 10-minute daily news briefing for when you're on the go.

Intimate conversations with newsworthy guests.

NPR Politics Podcast

In-depth, objective coverage of everything politics.

Conversations to make sense of today's news and culture.

Discoveries, mysteries and the science behind the headlines.

Target Your Campaign

Audience Targeting

Target core listener demographics — age, gender, household income — with a 90% match rate. Tailor your reach with more than 250 targetable behavioral segments against listener attributes such as occupation and interests.

Podcast Attribution

Measure your podcast campaign’s performance based on the percentage of listeners who visit your website after downloading your NPR podcast spot. Sort metrics by program, episode, and creative for detailed insights.

Content Targeting

From business and tech to health, target your message based on topics covered in NPR podcast episodes and create maximum alignment between your brand and the content.

Find the right fit.

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Podcast Products

National Public Media partners with sponsors to elevate their audio strategies for today’s media and advertising landscape. With a range of products, NPM can build NPR sponsorship campaigns that perform across listening platforms.

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Measure Campaign Impact

NPM knows podcasting works for brands. From custom pre- and post-campaign surveys and attribution tools to copy testing, we have a variety of measurement and analytics services to help you understand how your NP podcast campaign performed.

Featured Work

Capital One

CreditWise® from Capital One® partnered with NPM Creative to produce a series of Brand Soundscapes that educated listeners on the complex topics of fraud, identity theft and the dark web.

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Let NPM Creative help you share your brand’s story.

Ford Motor Company

In Soundscapes produced by NPM Creative, Ford Motor Company's team of designers and engineers delve into the electrification of one of their most classic vehicles.

View the work


NPM Creative partnered with Wise to share stories of how Wise makes it easier to send and receive money by using a mid-market exchange rate and keeping fees transparent.

View the work

SAP Concur

To learn how SAP Concur solutions can help businesses increase efficiency, tune in to stories that feature SAP Concur leaders, customers, and partners.

View the work
"The quality of content and the scale that NPR provides means that we’re able to reach our consumers in a clear and consistent way. Our NPR campaign delivered outstanding lifts in brand awareness, favorability, and purchase intent, highlighting the effectiveness of short-form brand storytelling that can connect our brand with our consumers’ values and lifestyle."

Dave Hermann, Paid Media Manager, Sierra Nevada

"The NPR campaign has been going stellar in terms of performance. It's been great hearing our ads out in the wild on some of the most reputable shows in radio and podcasting. Overall, we're very happy partnering with the team at NPR to grow our brand awareness."

Sam Balter, Senior Marketing Manager for Podcasts, HubSpot

"NPR did a great job executing our radio and digital campaign. Our #1 goal was to drive traffic to our website through engaging the NPR audience. The results were stellar, including a 250% increase in visitors to our site. Looks like we’ve found a love-connection!"

Adam Castillo, Vice President of Marketing, Blue

"Our team greatly values the partnership with NPR's highly responsive and collaborative sales team. NPR is always top of mind when we are looking for high quality, innovative and brand safe programming."

Hilary Ross, VP, Podcast Media, Veritone One

Align your brand with NPR podcasts.

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