NPR Sponsorship Impact Among IT Decision Makers

March 2021

Podcasts can be a compelling way to connect with your target audience, especially if that audience is involved in critical purchasing decisions that contribute to growth for your brand. 

NPR podcasts are particularly effective at reaching listeners who play a role in making important decisions for their business, including IT. At work, 20% of NPR podcast listeners hold management, business, or financial operations roles. 32% of NPR’s podcast audience have participated in company purchasing decisions within the past 12 months, making them 10% more likely to be decision makers than podcast listeners overall. More specifically, NPR podcast listeners are 7% more likely to be involved in purchasing technology, like computer hardware or software, than podcast listeners overall.¹

Two technology brands’ recent campaigns with NPR demonstrated how NPR podcast sponsorship successfully reaches IT decision makers. 

Impact research that surveyed NPR podcast listeners gave the sponsors insights into campaign effectiveness in topics such as brand awareness, product familiarity, brand use, recall as a sponsor, and consideration, and more. At the end of their 7-week NPR podcast campaign, one technology brand saw standout results among IT decision makers:


lift in being top-of-mind for small business software solutions.


lift in interest in learning more about the brand.


increase in the number of users with a “highly positive” opinion of the brand.

Source: NPR Listener Survey, February 2021. NPR podcast listeners exposed to sponsor message vs. listeners who were not exposed to the sponsored podcasts.

For another technology company, impact research highlighted campaign effectiveness in reaching current customers and enriching their understanding of the brand. Even as a preferred vendor for IT or business-consulting products and services already, custom research showed that NPR campaigns were especially effective in improving brand perception for IT decision makers that did not already use their products. Beyond reaching IT decision makers as a target audience, custom research allowed this brand to understand what these decision makers value. 

Among NPR listeners in a key audience segment, a subset of IT decision makers who think about technology in a solution-oriented way and value quality and capabilities over cost, showed: 


lift in brand consideration 


greater familiarity with the brand



lift in identifying the brand as a preferred vendor


Source: NPR Listener Survey, February 2021. NPR podcast listeners exposed to sponsor message vs. listeners who were not exposed to the sponsored podcasts

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1. Nielsen Scarborough Podcast Buying Power, 2020

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