Global coverage, national reach, local relevance and personal impact



NPR has 17 foreign bureaus, more than any of the major networks. It’s through this global footprint that NPR connects America to the world



With more than 1000 stations reaching an audience of 30.1 million weekly listeners, NPR is an institution in America, heard in every corner of the country



NPR works in partnership with member stations to create a more informed public through a curated mix of local station programming and national NPR content



of NPR listeners discuss content with friends, family and colleagues


of NPR listeners consider NPR personally important to them


of NPR listeners take action in response to something heard on NPR



of NPR listeners hold a more positive opinion of companies that support NPR


of users have taken action in response to a sponsorship message on


of NPR podcast listeners hold a more positive opinion of companies that support NPR

Sources: (Personal Effect) NPR Impact Study, NPR Listens, January 2017. Refers to weekly NPR listeners; (Halo Effect) Radio: NPR State of Sponsorship Survey, Lightspeed Research, March 2017; Lightspeed Research, State of Sponsorship Survey, August 2015; Podcasts: NPR Podcast User Survey, March 2016. (National – Radio Listeners) ACT 1 based on Nielsen Audio Nationwide, Fall 2017, All Programming (incl. newscasts), Persons 12+ © 2017 The Nielsen Company. May not be quoted or reproduced without the prior written permission of Nielsen.

In Their Own Words

For 25 years I've listened and grown from NPR. I am introduced to new music, literature, ideas, and developments in my backyard and across the globe. Thanks NPR - you are an integral part of my day.

- NPR Listener, Innsbrook, MO

'Pop Culture Happy Hour' is one of the highlights of my week, and one of the signs that glorious Friday has arrived! You have expanded my horizons in so many ways!

- NPR Listener, Dalton, GA

I wanted to thank you all for making economics interesting and accessible. Listening to your show helped me realize how fascinating and omnipresent economics can be. This fall I begin my first semester as a graduate student at John Hopkins' School of Advanced International Studies.

- Planet Money listener

Do you know what I dislike most about your program? It ends.

- TED Radio Hour listener