Top Takeaways: Advertising Week NY Future of Audio Summit

During The Future of Audio Summit at Advertising Week, industry leaders discussed the trends in tech and consumer behavior that are shaping the media landscape of tomorrow, and the best tactics for leveraging audio to achieve a one-to-one connection with audiences.

memorable sponsor messages

At NPR, Sponsor Messages are 23% More Memorable

NPR commissioned a study by Neuro-Insight to demonstrate the effectiveness of sponsor messages in comparison to traditional radio ads. The results? NPR’s sponsor messages are 23% more memorable than traditional radio ads. Learn Why.

smart speaker adoption

New Data: Smart Speakers Hitting the Mainstream

With smart speaker ownership over 43M in the U.S. (18+), these devices have quickly expanded beyond first adopters. New smart speaker owners are emerging as a distinct audience in terms of user profile and behavior...

2018 voice trends emerge

As Voice Continues to Dominate, 2018 Trends Emerge

With smart speakers and voice assistants growing in popularity, manufacturers like Amazon and Google are taking note of the power voice brings to brands and consumers, and are investing in the user experience on voice-activated...

avoid midterm political advertising

The Race is On. Rise Above the Noise With NPR.

In this noisy midterm election season, audiences turn to NPR for unbiased, politically-neutral coverage and analysis. During the 2016 election cycle, NPR’s weekly cume radio audience increased 13% YOY – and continued to increase after the election....

NPR Sponsorship Digital Leads Named to 2018 AdMonsters Power List

This month, National Public Media’s Sr. Director of Digital Operations Brett Robinson and Sr. Director of Sponsorship Products and NPM Creative Erica Osher were named to the inaugural AdMonsters Power List,  recognizing the “most innovative leaders …...

NPR’s How I Built This with Guy Raz on Tour

Last year was a standout year for NPR podcasts. In particular, How I Built This with Guy Raz, which explores the success stories of some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and how they built their businesses....

Tips for Your Next Podcast Buy from Top Industry Professionals

Some of the industry’s top podcast buyers – from Ad Results Media to the team at Squarespace – are achieving 2.5-3x ROI on their marketing spends. At the RAIN Podcast Business Summit, leaders in audio offered key...

Join NPR at the 2018 RAIN Podcast Business Summit

As podcasting continues to grow, it’s important that the business model evolve as well. This week in New York, leaders from NPR and its podcast sponsorship team at National Public Media will join fellow podcast... Sponsorship Practices Shine with Release of Google Chrome Ad Blocker

The most-used web browser in market – Google Chrome – is working to raise the bar for digital advertising through the roll out of its Ad Blocker features, which enforce standards set by the Coalition...